Sexual Dream

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I had a very sexy, hot dream this morning. I dreamt that Sir got rained out early this morning and got to come home. I was unaware that they sent him home until I heard the door open. He comes into the bedroom without saying a word. He walks over to me and grabs me by the throat (which I love) and leads my head to his dick. By this time I know Sir is in full Dom mode. As I am sucking Sir’s cock he has a handful of my hair and is spanking my ass. This just turns me on more. Sir then takes my mouth of his dick and tells me to present my ass to him. He starts with a warm-up of just his hand, after he sees my ass is nice and pink, he grabs the leather double slapper.

DoubleLeatherSlapper My butt is getting red and starting to welt when Sir finishes the spanking. He then blindfolds and gags me. He gets up on the bed and takes my pussy with force. While he is fucking my pussy, he starts to finger my asshole. I am so ready to cum, but he tells me I do not have permission to cum. When Sir thinks my asshole is prep and ready, he takes his dick out of my pussy and puts it in my ass. It feels so good. As he fucking my ass my pulls out the wand and places it on my clit. After he places the wand on my clit I am so ready to cum, but he denies from cumming. Sir makes me beg to cum, that when he finals lets me cum I have a massive intense orgasm. This orgasms is so intense that it sends me to subspace. As I orgasm Sir moans his climax and cums in my ass. He takes the gag out and kisses me deeply and with so much passion. 

Oh, how I wish this wasn’t a dream. This dream made me so horny, but Sir was already gone to work. Have a Sensual Saturday!!!

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2 thoughts on “Sexual Dream

  1. YUMMY ! Thanks for making me HORNEY LOL !


    1. LOL, that dream made me horny and no Sir around. Glad you enjoyed my dream.


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