How I got into D/s

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Like most married women I got into D/s by reading the Fifty Shades Of Grey books back in late 2014. In February of 2015 when Fifty Shades of Grey came out to theaters, I asked Sir if we can go and he said yes. After seeing the movie I wanted to know more about D/s and submission. So I went on the internet and started my research. There wasn’t much out there for married couples. Some of what I found was useful, it just had to be tweaked a little.

In the beginning of March 2015, I asked my husband if he will try a D/s dynamic and he said Yes. So, we read the information I have found and started the conversation on limits and rules to start with. We were starting this journey together blindfolded. Neither of us knew how this was going to change our marriage for the better. To help learn more I made an account for us on FetLife. That was a whole new world to us and truly opened our eyes to this lifestyle. FetLife had good informational insight, but was more for single people than married couples. I met a submissive wife on that site, who then told me about another site that was made for submissive married people. So I want to that site and join it in August of 2015. The site was just what I was looking for. It had such good information and insight into what married D/s can look like. I have met so many wonderful submissive women for that site. But, like everything we grew and start new paths for ourselves. I have followed and join many of these ladies paths.

Two and a half years later and we are still going strong in our D/s. We do have our ups and downs, but we learn from those and grow. I am so glad we choose to try this and kept with it. I love my Sir so much and our life together.


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