Book club “Teach Me” 1st 15 chapters

Last night was kinky book klub at and I was the host. We went over Brie’s submission “Teach Me” Book 1 Invitation- Cuddle and Dismissal. This is what we discuss and questions from the chat:

We are starting with the invitation. So we know that Brie Bennett gets a invitation to the Submissive Training School from Sir Davis. When she accepts and applies online, the next day she gets a packet which included a questionnaire and a thin little penis. She is require to make a video with this penis. Brie is to suck it, use it to excited her pussy, and stimulate her anus. If your Sir require a homework assignment like this one, will you do it? Will you go head first and beyond?

As Brie is making her video, she is fantasizing about Sir Davis. Would you be fantasizing about what your Sir will do to you?

So Brie gets accepted and starts the next day. The first two days of training are meant to weave out the wannabe submissives and the weak. What do you think of Brie’s first day of training? Would you be okay with the testing of your limits and dislike the first day of training?

Brie had a fear of African Americans because she was bullied by them as a child. The panel of trainers test her on this fear. That is when we meet Baron. Is there something you fear? What is it? Would you want your Sir’s to test and push you pass that fear? What is your thought on Baron?

The next day we meet Tono, what is you thought on him?

Now that the first two days are done, would you have been like Brie and take everything that was thrown at you or would you be like the three that left?

On the second day of training Sir Davis takes Brie’s anal virginity. What is your thoughts on this?

After the anal taking Sir Davis places a collar of protection around Brie’s neck. What is your thought on that? Should he have done it or not?

One the third day of training Mr. Gallant handed out fantasy journals. Do you have a fantasy journal? What is one of your fantasies?

What do you think of Brie’s first fantasy entry?

Brie was taken to get her kitty waxed. Would you allow a stranger or your Sir to wax your kitty?

In the last chapter of tonight’s chat the three remaining sub Brie, Lea, and Mary had a practicum with the panel trainers. Which one of the three scenes would you choose and why? Would you be willing if your Sir asked for one of these three scenes?

Lastly, One of my favorite sayings from the first part of the book is “It is important that you understand the power you have as a submissive. It is not a case of being inferior when you bow at your Dom’s feet. The reality is your Dom only has the illusion of power. You are the one in control. You decide how far a scene will go. It is your gift to him or her.” What is one of your favorite sayings?

Some of my other favorite saying are: “You will find the more power you give up, the more powerful you will feel. You are in essence, giving a magnificent and selfless gift to your Dom. It is sacred. Never lose sight of that. A true submissive is a jewel of great worth.”

“The union of a dedicated Dom and a confident submissive is a harmonious marriage of souls. There is no other experience like it.”

I love the Brie submission series. Have you read the book? I will like to read your opinions on the book or any of the questions above. Happy readings and hope you enjoy this!!


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