Anal….Oh My!

Anal can be scary to most, even ones in this lifestyle. I didn’t know what anal was until I was 21, when my boyfriend (now husband/Sir) told me about it. Take in mind I didn’t lose my virginity until my 18th birthday. When he told me about it I was scared and afraid to try it. I was always told that was an out not an in. But, I tried it for him. That first time it hurt and wasn’t pleasant or pleasurable for me. I was so unsure if I will ever do it again and if I will ever like it.

We have dabbled with it a few times since. Some times I enjoy it and sometimes it hurts to where Sir has to stop. I have notice that at the times that it has hurt I have not been relaxed and I was all in my head. I have notice to really enjoy it you have to be relaxed and out of your head. You have to just let go and embrace the pleasure that can come from it.

Last night was the first time I really embrace it and let it all go. It began with just us cuddling. Then me wondering my hands down to his dick and rubbing his dick. As I rubbed his dick it got harder, which started to turn me on. Next thing I know is his dick is in my mouth. So I suck Sir’s dick with such enthusiasm. I love to hear his moans and groans when I suck him. That turns me on even more. I asked Sir what I can do to please him and he said he would want me to swallow his but said he knew my stomach was bother me today so instead he want me to ride his dick. (Side note I have IBS and was having an episode that lasted all day.) So I obeyed him and got on top. As I was riding his dick, he began to suck on my nipples. A huge turn on for me it makes me so horny and wet immediately. At this point I told him I was his and will do whatever pleases him. I told him my body was his to use for his pleasure. This makes Sir even harder. I asked Sir if he wanted to fuck my ass. He then said do I want him to fuck my ass. I then replied with “if it pleases my Sir.” He said again if I wanted him to fuck my ass. I then said yes if it pleases you Sir. He replied yes it pleases me. So I grab the line while still riding him. I put some on my fingers and start to apply it to my hole and stuck my two fingers in my hole to lube it up and get it ready for his entrance. All while still riding his dick and him still sucking on my nipples and saying how nice and hard they were. I told him they were hard for him. After I prepared my hole for him, I then prepared his dick for my hole. Now his dick was ready for my ass. While still on top I put his dick in my ass, this way I was able to go at my pase to beginning. I got the head in and stopped waited for my hole to adjust and get pass the initial burn. After that I took more and more of him. My speed started to increase and more as he pulled my hair and sucked my nipples. Then he decided he wanted to take over, so I got on all fours for him. He began slow and then speeded up and pounded harder. It was so raw and felt so good. I told Sir I wanted him to cum in my ass. He said, you like me fucking your ass and I said yes Sir, fuck my ass. Then he hit the right stop and started one of the most intensed orgasms I ever had. As I clenched up, he want faster, which made the orgasm feel even better, in which made Sir orgasm.

This was the best and most pleasurable anal I ever had. It was because I let go and let Sir take and use me as he wanted. I was out of my head and let pleasure take control of me. If Sir was to ask for anal again, I will do it with no hesitation. Because I love and trust my Sir and know he will not hurt me.

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5 thoughts on “Anal….Oh My!

  1. Daddy was careful w me for my first anal… and O MY GOODNESS!! He kept telling me I would be asking him to fuck me in the ass by the time he broke that cherry… he was right!! O my!! I always prefer him in my pussy… but it’s a close second.
    Soooo glad you had an enjoyable experience.

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    1. I was a wonderful night with a happy Sir and a blissful Babe.

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  2. ahhh BB what a Fun EROTIC night with your Sir ! Totally agree relax, mind set …LUBE more LUBE !! Great post
    Curvey ^^

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    1. Yes it was erotic, hot, and sexy. Best by far and took the closes I been to subspace ever. Just writing it and thinking about it was making me wet and horny. 😚 Babe


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