Time to Move

Sir found out yesterday that today is his last day at the job he is at now. So that means we are moving this weekend to the next job. Lucky for us it is still in the same state, just a different part. Moving can be so stressful for me. I have to make sure everything is clean. Everything is put away so that nothing goes flying or breaks during the move. These are the easy things to deal with. The stress comes when we have to secure the camper to Sir’s truck, make sure the slides are all in securely, the awning is all the way in and flush with the camper, take up all the jacks and blocks and wood, make sure the outdoor kitchen is locked and secured, turn of the propane (we don’t want anything catching on fire) and secure the tank. I know getting the camper hooked up to the truck is the most stressful for Sir. Hooking the camper to the truck takes the longest to do, because you have to go back and forth between weight on the jack and no weight on the jacks. This is when we both can lose are tempers and have many of times. My goal this time is to not lose my temper and try and make it as easy as possible for the both of us. While Sir is at work today I am going to get all the inside cleaning and packing down and do what I can outside for now. So, that tomorrow all we have to worry about is hooking the camper to the truck and ready to go Saturday morning.

I am going to ask Sir for some spankings and some play tonight to help me distress and stay in that mindset for tomorrow. I will really like this to go as smoothly as possible and with no outbursts. Wish me luck!! Just kidding!!

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4 thoughts on “Time to Move

  1. I understand the frustration my son has a 30 ft camper and him and my daughter in law have the same issues when packing up. When you get frustrated Babe just think about your submission and breathe. It will all be ok subbie.


    1. Thanks Lts. I will remember that.


  2. Wow, you really don’t get anytime to prepare! Not even mentally, that has to be tough. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you, good luck!
    I know it sounds cliche but deep breaths and counting to 10 really does help me in times of frustration. 🙂


    1. No they don’t. They never do and this is the 6th moved in 2 years. Thanks for the good luck, fingers cross everything goes well.

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