Sir’s Christmas Gift

Sir has had a fantasy that he wanted to come true for a long time and I decide to final give it to him as a Christmas gift. Like most men my Sir wanted a threesome with another women. That is what I gave him as a Christmas gift on December 30th. We found an escort online and she came to us. We got a hotel room for the night, we got there early to relax and shower before she showed up. She came around 7:30 and set her supplies up like condoms. As soon as she did that she was topless and that took me by surprise. It was because she jumped into it right away. Then the next thing I knew my Sir was undressing. She took off her pants next and then I took off my dress. I am not that into girls, but she was bi and try to make me feel more comfortable. She started by kissing me and playing with my nipples, which was turning Sir on. Sir kissed me while she played with me. The next thing I know she was going down on me and I started giving Sir a blowjob. After that he put a condom on and started to fuck her while kissing me. Then he went to me and fuck me and she played with my nipples and kissing me. He did this for about 45 mins. Our session was for an hour. Since Sir had to wear a condom he couldn’t cum, even though he wanted to. The escort at the end try to get him off with her mouth and hand while we made out and he played with me. Sir still couldn’t get off. At the end of the session we talked for a little and then she left. Through the whole session he has kept his eyes on me which made me feel better. He made me feel the sexiest and only one there. We had some more fun and sex after she left, of course after re-showering. I was happy that I was the only one to get him off and got to do it with my mouth for my Sir. So glad I could make my Sir happy and fulfill his fantasy. 

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