Going Against Sir’s Wishes

As some of you know I have gone against my Sir’s wishes and purchased something I been wanting. I recently got interested in a new hobby. That hobby is reborn dolls. Reborn dolls are dolls made to look realistic and like really babies. It is a displaying and collecting hobby like: collecting teddy bears, angels, baseball cards, and so on. I have been looking at these dolls for months and find them very interesting. I just love babies and can’t have anymore babies (Sir got a vasectomy 11 years ago).

I asked Sir if I can get one and he said no because they freak him out. Sometimes why I asked I gotten a maybe. To me they are a piece of art and beautiful. I want on ebay and found one that was a reasonable price. (These dolls can get quite pricey depending on the experience of the artist, has rooted hair, eyes, limited edition kit, and so on… really good ones start at $500 and goes up from there.) The one I found was up for bid starting at $220, so I bid on it not thinking I was going to win because it had 3 days left until biding ends. Turns out I was the only one who bid on the doll and wind up winning her. I didn’t tell Sir about the bid or tell him that I won the doll.

A few days after getting the doll Sir found out about it. I was still thinking of how to tell him, but my children can not keep a secret. They told Sir before I could get a chance to. Sir was not happy with me and for punishment he gave me the silent treatment for 3 days. Sir knows I hate silent treatment. On the 3rd day of silent treatment I got him to talk to me and we discuss why I got the doll. I told him that the doll makes me happy and it fills apart of me that I can not have (a baby). I loved being pregnant and holding my children when they were babies. My babies are getting older now and no longer want to cuddle with mommy. The doll allows that for me, I can change it, hold it, and cuddle it when I want. Unlike a real baby it doesn’t cry or dirty its diaper/clothes. After telling Sir why I did what I did he understood and the punishment was over. He also allowed me to keep it. I am just not allow to have it out when he is around or home. I do that out of the respect I have for him.

We all mess up sometimes and that is okay. What I have learned from this is that communication is so important. You need to be able to share your feelings, desires, and so on with your Sir. I have learned much from this.

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