Black Obsidian


Our new Kinky Book Klub series is Black Obsidian series by Victoria Quinn.

It is a 4 book series.

1st book: Black Obsidian- TRUST IS EVERYTHING

2nd book: Black Diamond- NOW I AM HIS

3rd book: Black Promise- OUR LOVE IS BOUND

4th book: Black Forever- TOGETHER IN DARKNESS

Come join us as we follow Calloway Owens and Rome Moretti journey. Rome mistakes Calloway for another man at a bar with her friend. She thinks he is the guy who had an affair with her friend and smacks him in the face three times before her friends stops her. Calloway was mesmerized by Rome when she first walked into the bar but, after the face smacks he wants her. Only problem is Calloway is currently in a D/s relationship. What will Calloway do? Will Rome be his next submissive? Will this be the beginning of a lifetime commitment? Only way to find out is to read the books and join Book Klub.

Kinky Book Klub is hosted once a month on a Tuesday at in our private chat room of subLanding at 8 pm CST. We will be going over book 1 of the series on 2/27/18. (Sorry I know a little last minute.) Don’t worry, you can get a summary of book 1 in chat and be ready to start book 2 for next months Book Klub chat.

Happy readings!


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