New Book Choices

Have anyone read either of these series? What are your suggestions/opinions on them? I have read the My Dom and loved it. It is a good read and a fast, short book. We are looking for suggestions for our next book for book club in June. We are deciding between these two series. The submissive series has 10 books and the Boston Dom has 7 books.

Let me know what you liked about each series (if you have read both) or on which ever series you have read. I would love to read what you have to say on them. Also leave me suggestions on books or series that you have read that I might enjoy.


1 thought on “New Book Choices

  1. Subbabe, I have read both series and they are both good reads so either choice is good. Maybe think about the price. The Dom series is cheaper in price and is affordable for those who love to read but are on a tight budget. Just my opinion.


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